Ophelia Chong is the founder of Stock Pot Images and Asian Americans for Cannabis Education (AACE). She is driven to help shape the new conversation of Cannabis  and is guided by one mission: to advocate for the legalization of cannabis and offer truthful reflections of the faces and communities that embrace cannabis. Ophelia is the Creative Consultant at PUSH Magazine the target audience is millennial women in cannabis. She is also the Community Outreach liaison for THC Design, one of the top premium cannabis growers in CA, she is responsible for LGBT, Veterans, Women, Minorities and  Disabled outreach. She has brought to THC Design the Washington brand “Saints” which will launch Spring 2018, Archive Seeds, Wonderland Nursery and PLUS, a new powder THC launching Spring 2018. Her  career path has been formed by her 3 decades in photography, as an award winning creative director in publishing and film, published artist and gallerist, entertainment and as an adjunct professor in education at Art Center College of Design – her path is non-ending because she believes that we all have at least five careers in our lifetimes.


Josh Priebe aka Preebz, is a Southern California native and self-made entrepreneur, started his career 17 years ago in the action sports industry. With a knack for intuitive insights in marketing and branding he created two well respected and successful brands, Sk8mafia (skateboards) and JSLV (clothing), with both brands hosting top pro athletes in skate, snow, and surf.  Priebe, being a marijuana advocate nearly his whole life, he knew he wanted to branch out into the cannabis field. Since both skateboarding and fashion cultures have always embraced the cannabis community, his transition into the industry  was seamless. In 2016, Priebe joined the THC Design team as the creative director helping to bring forth the vision and fine tune the brand making it ready for market in 2018. He has taken his knowledge of  branding and marketing and is shaping THC design into the first nationally branded cannabis company.


"Dunny" has been called the glue that holds a team together and a leader that creates an open communication amongst his team that allows creativity and a fearless thinking out of the box. He brings with him over two decades of experience in brand building, operational skills, which has brought his companies JSLV (apparel), SK8Mafia (action team sports) and THC Design (cannabiscultivation, manufacturing and distribution). As a advocate for medicinal marijuana and lifestyle specialist, Dunny entered the cannabis space with THC Design, and has brought organization and streamlining from production to distribution. Dunny as a team leader empowers his partners and teams to bring value to the business and products that evolve with the marketplace. 


Jeremy Parker is a California creative who’s designs can be seen across numerous fortune 500 companies as well as major print publications globally. Starting out as a production artist for an apparel brand, Jeremy has worked his way up to the heights of Global Art Director for the Volcom clothing brand and currently as the head of creative for Outside of designing for industry  brands such as West Coast Cure and Nameless Genetics, Jeremy is a multi-disciplined artist whom has had art showings with some of the biggest names in the world of artistic expression. Creatively  Jeremy sees life through a different lens that of which is finding an angle to see artistic potential in anything and everything. “ Building an identity, a brand look and feel is something that fuels my creative drive. Helping others realize there full potential is gratifying and why I do what I do.”


Zack was the head of content for Havoc Televison (45M subscribers). As founder, executive producer, director of Wingtip Media, a creative agency with clients such s Red Bull, Complex, Beats by Dre, Vice Media, Mountain Dew, Converse, The LA Philharmonic and Raw Media. Zach has over 12 years of experience working with global ad agencies, including OMD, Group M and IMG. Zack creates relevant and timely stories that speak to target audiences that strenthens a brand’s hold in their selected market segments.


With 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the alcohol beverage industry, Mario Ojeda spent the first 15 years of his career growing the distribution chain for Miller / Coors. Specifically, for their craft and import portfolio in Southern California. Playing a key role, Mario launched brands like Fosters, Pacifico, Stella Artois, Smirnoff Ice, Pyramid Breweries, Magic Hat Brewery and Imperial from Costa Rica. More recently, Mario has constructed local marketing campaigns focusing on culture and lifestyle initiatives for Pabst Brewing Company. Developing positive relationships with other influential creatives, Mario plays an essential role delivering on three major platforms, Music, Art and Lifestyle.